Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Bad Baby Sale

Six months ago, a local church hosted what we like to affectionately call, The Big Bad Baby Sale. I was about five months pregnant at the time, we had nothing in the nursery. After the sale, we came away with a stroller, car seat with extra base, car seat cover, and a ton of other things, for a steal.

This weekend is the spring version of the sale. I didn't get there as soon as last time, but I did come away with a few items off the check list: a Baby Bjorn carrier for Niels, an exersaucer, a couple of hats and some new dress up clothes for the year. Last night, some new friends offered to pass on some of their baby things, which we'll pick up tomorrow, so now we are very excited to have a swing and exersaucer for both the main level and basement. This will make my days much easier as my day is often dictated based on what toy Daniel wants to be in!

At the top of the post Daniel is checking out his new toys.

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Sherri Lavender said...

YAY exersaucer!! Daniel has changed since you were here! Still cute of course, maybe even MORE cute!? Getting so big!