Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Never Too Early to Think About College

Last night our small group was talking about finances and as usually, our car ride home set the stage for a good conversation about our own financial situation. Thanks to Gramma Ann, we have opened a college account for Daniel (so far he can buy about one textbook!). College education is very different in Europe (MUCH less expensive) so we've talked about how nice it would be in Daniel wanted to go to college in Europe. He has dual citizenship so he qualifies for EU tuition rates, and we hope that by the time he's 18, he has spent enough time in Holland with family to feel comfortable there. And did we mention it's much less expensive?!

Here's a little price comparision.

The Ohio State University
public state university
Tuition: $8,769/year

Malone College
private Christian college in Canton
Tuition: $20,730/year

Calvin College
private Christian college in Grand Rapids, MI
Tuition: $21,460/year

Drake University
Jen's alma mater, a private university in Iowa
Tuition: $25,160/year

Fontys University
Niels' alma mater, a public university in The Netherlands
Tuition: €1,625 ($2,057)/year

Granted, these rates are tuition only, and don't include room, board, books or other fees, but I think we still have a clear winner! Unless of course, Daniel ends up being a jock and can get a full ride wherever he wants!

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jens mom said...

OR....he decides to be a rock star...drops out of high school, marries his 18 year old sweetie, and......ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!