Monday, March 9, 2009

Daniel is 3 months old!

25 Things about Being 3 Months Old
by Daniel, with help from Mommy

  1. I love my hands! I found them about a week ago and think they are pretty cool. I especially like to try to put them in my mouth, along with my bottle and paci.
  2. It’s pretty unanimous that I still look just like Daddy.
  3. My newest trick is drooling. You'll be hard pressed to take a picture of me these days without a good amount of drool on my shirt.
  4. Thanks to #3, Mommy has started putting me in bibs.
  5. I started smiling at 8 weeks. I still don't do it a lot, but when Daddy makes his funny sound, I just can't help myself
  6. Tummy time is getting much more interesting. I can lift my head up and move it from side to side. Mommy puts lots of fun toys for me to look at. I can't quite figure out how to reach them, but I know they are there.
  7. I took my first trip this Canada! I met my namesake, Joel, and his wife Carolyn. They are good people. 
  8. I also got to meet Glenn and Sherri Lavender, and their son, Bram. They are good people, too.
  9. I love classical music. Really, it's just instrumental music from Mommy & Daddy's wedding, but it's my favorite music to listen while napping or eating.
  10. I also like the CD, "Snacktime" by the Barenaked Ladies. My favorite song is "Polliwog in a Bog." Mommy and I like to dance to it!
  11. I have a new nickname: Squealy Dan. Daddy gave me this because whenever I'm done eating, I make a really high pitched squeal to show my displeasure. If it was up to me, I'd eat all day long.
  12. Mommy and I still go to Booby Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've made some new friends there.
  13. Mommy and I are starting a new class this month, Mommy & Me Aqua Aerobics. Sounds like fun!
  14. I got my first swim trunks. They are green with little turtles on them. I like to swim in the big tub with Daddy.
  15. This month, I learned that it's not always cold and snowy outside. This past weekend, we went from a stroll in the park. 
  16. I also discovered rain this month. I watched the rain yesterday morning from the porch with Daddy.
  17. I love Miss Ashley! She comes over every Friday afternoon just to hang out with me. Mommy sometimes disappears during this time, but I don't mind because I love Miss Ashley!
  18. I have made peace with the swing. I usually take a couple naps in there everyday.
  19. I might get another swing for downstairs. This weekend is the big bad baby sale!!!
  20. I survived my first cold. I was NOT a fan.
  21. I laughed for the first--and only--time when we were in Canada. Mommy and Daddy were talking about their plans for the day. Ha!
  22. I think cards are pretty. 
  23. I'm starting to get into a routine. It's nice for mom, because she can plan her day.
  24. I can now sit in my Bumbo. I like it a lot better than the bouncer. 
  25. I now weigh about 11 pounds and still wear my 0-3 clothes, but I'm starting to break into the 3-6's.
  26. I've been sleeping through the night for five weeks!

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jens mom said...

LOVE that picture! Wish I could be there to see those smiles. THANK YOU, SKYPE!