Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty Quiet on the de Jong Front

Unless you count Jen's incessant coughing. Jen's been down for the count for the last two weeks with a cold/flu/pneumonia yucky thing. Lots of deep chest coughing, throwing up, night sweats and overall good times! :-)

But, that hasn't keep us from hosting Dad, Carole and Liz for dinner last Friday (pictures to come) and hiking 3 miles at a local metro park on Saturday. Denial is a beautiful thing.

And we will continue the denial theme as we pack up tonight for our long awaited Grand Rapids trip. The last time we were in GR was Labor Day, immediately after which, Jen got put on bedrest, thus cancelling her baby shower. So this weekend we'll be up to show off our adorable son to any and all, and we can't wait!

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