Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things About Daniel

There's a little survey going around Facebook called 25 Things. I thought it would be fun to do one for Daniel. 

25 Things
Age 8 weeks, with help from Mommy

  1. I was born on December 9, 2008. (I just realized the alliteration with Daniel and December. I love alliteration!)
  2. It’s pretty unanimous that I look just like Daddy.
  3. I do have Mommy’s long eyelashes, though.
  4. And Mommy's full-body hiccups. I’m told they’re pretty funny to watch.
  5. I’m not smiling yet, but I’m saving up to really wow Mommy and Daddy.
  6. I was named Daniel after Mommy and Daddy’s good friend Dan Kennedy, who lives much too far away in China, mostly because they think Dan is an amazing family man and Christian, but also because it was while talking to Dan in China that Mommy realized she loved Daddy and wanted him to be her husband and my Daddy.
  7. I was named Joel after Mommy and Daddy’s good friend Joel Vriend, who also lives much too far away in Canada. But I’m pretty excited to meet him later this month.
  8. Mommy just realized that I wasn’t named after any Americans.
  9. In addition to being an American, I am also a Dutch citizen.
  10. Gramma Chi calls me “Danny Boy” because I’m a little Irish, too.
  11. Mommy and Daddy also call me DJ, Deej, Buddy, and Professor Poopy Pants.
  12. They made up a song for me and sometimes it’s the only thing that calms me.
  13. Rattles scare me. I cry every time. 
  14. Mirrors intrigue me, but I get jealous when Mommy kisses the boy in the mirror.
  15. I have funky big toes. 
  16. When I sit on the couch with Daddy, I usually fall asleep. When I sit on the couch with Mommy, I hardly ever fall asleep.
  17. There’s no where I’d rather be than Mommy’s lap…and sometimes Daddy’s.
  18. Don’t even think of putting me in the swing or bouncer when I’m upset…or awake for that matter!
  19. I will sleep in the car seat during a car ride. And I take my longest naps when Mommy leaves me in it when we get home.
  20. I love my big sister, Bailey Dog. I like to watch her. 
  21. Bailey Dog doesn’t yet love me, but I’m growing on her. She’ll now sit in Mommy or Daddy’s lap with me. When I first came home, she would just run away.
  22. I rolled over for the first time when I was 5 weeks old. Mommy didn’t believe me so I did it again, two more times, once for Daddy. But I’m done with that and haven’t done it again since.
  23. It took me 8 weeks to regain my birth weight, but now I’m growing fast!
  24. I’ll wear my last pair of newborn diapers this week. Now I’m a size ONE!
  25. Life on the outside is pretty great!

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