Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daniel's first trip...part 2

On our way back from the Lavenders we stopped by the Dutch Store. We always stop at the ones in Grand Rapids and couldn't pass-up the opportunity to stock-up on some Dutch goodies. This time we got cream of wheat (Brinta), Apple sirup (appelstroop), a cake from Geldrop (dad's store is literally around the corner from the factory) and some Dutch candy-hearts.
Jen also saw some great Crock-like 'klompen'. They had the shape of a clog, but were made from the same material as Crocks. Unfortunately they didn't have her size, but also no label so we have no idea how to get them. And silly us, we didn't take a picture of it... Maybe Joel can take a picture on his way home from work... ;-)

Friday night we hung out with Joel and Carolyn. It was a pretty low key night as I still had a fever and Carolyn was feeling the joys of being 5 months pregnant. We were surprised how prepared they are for the arrival of their little "Buzz." It helps that they have lots of siblings with kids! If their interaction with Daniel is any indication, they will be great parents. Carolyn especially had Daniel smiling and cooing like a little flirt! We tried in vain to capture the moment, but the little sneak wouldn't cooperate!

Joel & Carolyn with a tuckered out Daniel

Joel with Daniel Joel

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