Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The D & the J

On the wall between Daniel's closets, we've put Daniel's initials. We had registered for these at Babies R Us, and we're really excited to have received them. Of course, they came with more requests for The Big Reveal! The reason we wanted the letters is because we want little Daniel to know--or at least recogize!--the two men for whom he was named. 

D is for Daniel Kennedy, who currently lives in China. Dan and his wife, Sara, are some of my best friends, and former neighbors in Michigan. Unfortunately, big Dan (da Dan in Chinese) hasn't been able to meet our Dan yet, so we have a picture of him holding a picture of Dan K. 

J is for Joel, our best man at our wedding. Our DJ got to meet Joel in Canada a few weeks ago and we were so happy to get a picture of them together.

The little figurine in the middle is of a little Chinese baby boy. I bought in on Ancient Culture Street in Tianjin, China when I was visiting the Kennedys. Maybe da Dan can elaborate more on the artist and why these little figurines are so popular. They are many, many varieties of the little guys, and yes, all are anatomical correct!

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