Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daniel's first trip...part 4

After we got back from IKEA and a quick grocery run we got back to Joel and Carolyn's house. Since they had a prior engagement (a trip to, of all places, Holland, MI to visit Joel's sister and her family) they were kind enough to let us house-sit. Jen went to pump some more milk since because of the mastitis her supply was dwindling and Daniel appeared a tad bit hungry.

However, after 10 minutes of pumping with the super-duper Medela Pump-in-Style she only got 0.5oz. Since our little boy takes almost 4oz per feeding we quickly realized that this was not good. Having plenty of feedings at home, even some free formula, and quickly running out of our supply we had some decisions to make. With Daniel being exclusively on breast milk - and being in a foreign country - we had no idea what type of formula to get. Combine that with Jen actually feeling worse than in the morning and without too much milk a very fussy boy, we decided to cut the trip short and head home. Remember the planning thing from part 3 and Daniels audible laugh about that... our little prophet!

Jen called her OB to get her a prescription for jump-starting her milk supply and after letting our own house and Bailey sitter know we'd be coming home at 3am on Sunday-morning, we left around 10pm and with a 30-minute stop at the border pulled into the drive-way at 3:05am. On the way home Jen was able to pump about 3oz total so we had some food for Daniel.

We felt pretty bad about the decision to go home early, since we haven't seen Gary since July 2008 and had to cancel two prior visits due to the pregnancy complications. We haven't seen de Vries family since our wedding, so we were really looking forward to seeing them as well. However, we had to think about the health of our family first and are now making plans to be back in Canada for Easter 2009.

Jumping ahead a week and Jen's mastitis has cleared-up, her antibiotics did their trick and with her milk-supply at 90% of the pre-mastitis level. Daniel was doing great throughout it all. He is a great traveler and doesn't mind the long drive at all. On our next trip at Easter we'll have to worry more about Jen than our little boy.

Pretty weird, eh? (some of our friend might not be too surprised though...)

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