Monday, February 9, 2009

Daniel is two months old!

Two months ago today we were holding Daniel Joel for the very first time. Today, Niels was holding Daniel as he received his vaccinations. Since his appointment came in the middle of his feeding time, I was ready with a bottle to help him forget his boo-boos. Daniel was a trooper! I actually think the shots were harder on mommy than baby!

The other good news is that Daniel continues to grow. He's now 9 pounds, 7 ounces and 23" long. He's stayed at the 10th percentile, so he's small but healthy. And since I'm still building up my strength, I don't mind a small baby! He did reach a milestone this week, finally using up the last of his newborn-size diapers and moving into size ones! He's still wearing mostly 0-3 clothes, although we've pulled out some 3-6 items.

The biggest milestone Daniel hit this month is that he's finally starting to smile! Not enough that we've been able to capture one yet, but stay tuned! He's also developing his leg muscles. If we lift him up , he'll often hold weight on his legs. He continues to love lights, but he also loves to look at mommy and daddy. He's intrigued by the little guy in the mirror, and can get a bit jealous if mommy kisses him!

We'll have to take a picture a little later. He's been napping in the car seat since coming back from the doctor (yay!!) and I think it's time I do the same!

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