Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Day!

Yesterday was Tony and Carey's wedding. It was a beautiful day--they got the weather Niels and I ordered--and their ceremony was creative and unique. However, the parents in us found a personal highlight: during Tony's vows, Daniel sat up for the first time!!! He has been holding himself up for a few seconds, but then would topple over. He sat up for most of Tony's vows and then decided he was done and leaned back against me. Niels was running around taking pictures of the bride and groom--imagine that, so he only got the tail end, but trust us, there are more pictures to take!

Here are a few pictures of a very fun day:

the end of Daniel's first sitting up (and a very proud Mommy!)
the happy bride and groom
cutting the cake--notice Tony's light saber groom's cake. Oh yes, there was a theme...
Daniel's first dance...with Marie
Tony and Carey's homemade Huppah

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