Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Big Day For Daniel

Today was another big day for Daniel...his first day in the church nursery. We've been taking him with us into the service up until now, partly because he would usually sleep through the whole thing, and partly (mostly) because I wasn't ready to let him go for 90 minutes. But we decided that we would start putting him in the nursery at 4 months so he could get used to the nursery staff before stranger anxiety sets in. Since last week was Easter, we didn't figure that would be a good first week, so today it was!

We ended up going to the 11:30 service because I was still getting over the 24 hour flu and needed a little more rest. This is a slower service so the 0-9 month olds are grouped with the 1 & 2 year olds. When we arrived with Daniel, the nice nursery ladies all oohed and awwed over him because he was the only baby. We timed it right because it was his naptime. We told the staff that he usually napped in his swing, but he was held in the arms of a nice lady named Jen the whole time! (Four months old and he's already got the ladies swooning over him). He did really well and slept until the last few minutes of the service. The standard is that they don't page the parents unless the baby has been crying ten minutes. Poor boy woke up and didn't recognize anyone so he started screaming. We heard him as we were coming down the hall!

It took a little while to comfort him and assure him that we weren't ditching him. We took him for a nice car ride on the way home and he fell asleep again. Hopefully next week he'll sleep the whole service and eventually come to make some friends in the nursery.

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