Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man charged with trying to attack Dutch royal family

(CNN - Edited by Niels) -- Dutch police charged a man with trying to attack the royal family Thursday after he crashed a car near a bus carrying Queen Beatrix and her family, police said.

Four people were killed and 13 injured in the incident. The driver is in hospital, badly injured, she said. It was not clear if he was one of the 13 injured.

The police are not releasing the name of the driver whose car careered toward a crowd of people who were watching the Dutch royal family riding past in an open-top bus.

Queen Beatrix was in the bus with her family when the black hatchback zoomed past. The car crashed into the low metal railing around a column on the side of the road.

The car also appeared heavily damaged even before the crash presumably from the impact with the people the car collided with when running through the lines of people attending the parade.

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