Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finally doing something with the pictures...

It's sort of a running joke that we are great at taking pictures, but we have very few pictures displayed in our house. Thank God for this blog or our friends and family around the world would never see us...or more importantly, Daniel!

Dutch dad really liked this picture I took of Daniel a few weeks ago (That's, right, I, Jen, took the picture, not Mr. I-Worked-In-My-Dad's-Photo-Shop-Since-I-Was-11, aka, my husband, Niels. Dutch dad did a little photoshop magic to take away the pesky power lines and sent the picture back to us. We decided not to procrastinate so we got it enlarged and bought a frame, in record time.

Now...where to hang it?

Update: hangs on the wall on the 2nd floor landing.

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