Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daddy & Danny's Big Conversation

It's official. Daniel definitely prefers Dutch over English. His first smile? In response to Dutch. His first laugh? Yep, Dutch is funny! He's started to coo now, and once again, he's quickest to respond to Dutch. We're quite curious to see what his first word will be, and what language it will be. My money's on Dutch...Papa. Of course, I would be thrilled with English mommy, too!

Here's a little video of Daddy and Daniel's big talk this morning. (In case you're wondering, Niels is telling Daniel he has a new, clean diaper, and then, he's talking to him about standing up).



A Contrarian's Way said...

Hello Jen, thought I would drop you a comment now that I am blogging as well. Your family is beautiful. Congratulations again as I am not sure I sent you congrats back when it all went down. Jeremy

jens mom said...

I think that video shows quite clearly that he not only looks like his Daddy, but likes his Daddy's attentions, too!

Jen said...

Hey Jeremy! Nice of you to stop by. With family all around the world, blogging is a great way to keep everyone in touch with our everyday life. You should check out Skype as well for FREE video calls online!

Jen said...

Hey Mom, yeah, Daniel is all about his Daddy. He loves his mommy too, of course, but she is usually the one with the camera. Funny thing on the video...all those shaking moments are me trying to suppress my coughing!