Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daniel's New Friend

At this point developmentally, many four-year-olds have found a lovey, a favorite toy or blanket that comforts them. Daniel hasn't shown a lot of interest in anything other than Mommy, Daddy and his soothie (pacifier), so we were kind of wondering if he would have a lovey. Yesterday, Niels stayed with Daniel for some boy time, while I ran some errands around town. While at Marshalls, I saw this Baby Einstein fish and decided to get it for Daniel. He loves it! Right away, he started kissing it and holding on to it by it's gills. Since he hasn't really grabbed anything, it was a lot of fun to watch him get so excited about something. It plays a 10 second tune and vibrates, which just entrances him. Unfortunately, when the sound stops, he gets upset and wants it to play again, so we'll have to tell him Vissy needs sleep when it's nap time!

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